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100% Handcrafted Luxury Bags Made by Christan Mercurio
Using only Vegetable Tanned Domestic Leather


I was born and raised in San Jose, California and received a BA in Music from San Jose State University. Despite the liberal arts education I’ve worked in tech for a long time. 


In between working a full-time day job as a Program Manager for Hardware and Software at a consumer electronics company and going back to Grad School for a degree in Counseling Psychology, I also started a 100% handmade leather goods brand. What started as a hobby in 2015, has grown into a passion for both the material and the process. Production is limited as everything is saddle stitched and no machines are used. 


If I’m not working, studying, writing or making a bag you will likely find me cooking, baking, knitting, reading, practicing guitar, listening to music or books, watching films, spending time with family and friends, or exercising (riding a bike, lifting weights, hiking).

My Work

Everything I make is hand cut, hand punched, and hand sewn with saddle stitched seams. Each item is made start to finish, one at a time, by me. Working this way is very time consuming, and the results are worth it as this hands-on approach allows me to make the strongest and most beautiful bags I know how to make with a design aesthetic I find pleasing. The smallest bag takes a minimum of 10 hours and the largest takes as long as 40 to complete.


All bags and straps are made from uncorrected full grain vegetable tanned leathers from Wickett & Craig of Curwensville, PA, USA (est. 1867) and I use the highest grade hides available. Uncorrected means that tooling or other marks from the tanning process, scars and blemishes from the live animal may be present. Essentially, it is some of the highest quality leather sourced within this country and already comes with some character which will only deepen through use as it develops a patina. The body of all bags are one piece by design. This consumes more leather as using multiple pieces allows far more economy. At the same time, seams are generally where bags are weakest so designing this way also showcases the beauty of the leather and makes a stronger bag. With a saddle stitch the leather will give way before the seam does. If a stitch does break on one side, the seam will still not fail.

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