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100% Handcrafted Luxury Bags Made by Christan Mercurio
Using only Vegetable Tanned Domestic Leather


Image by Jude Infantini


To minimize the chemical impact, sustainable luxury vegetable tanned leather is used exclusively. Chrome tanning is used by the bulk of the industry because it is faster and cheaper, though it damages the environment and is harmful to workers. Vegetable tanning uses plant materials which is slower, more costly and at the same time better for the environment and the humans processing the leather.

Climate Impact 

While the beef and dairy industries contribute to CO2 in our environment, using hides that are otherwise waste and will need to be disposed of in some other way minimizes further damage.


What about "vegan" leather? While there are a few exceptions, these are products that incorporate a great deal of plastic while be marketed as good for the environment and animal friendly.

Climate Change Banners
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